Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Flickr Favourites

1. Bunny & gerbera, 2. Inner Light of an Angel Statue?, 3. muni5, 4. jack rose

It's getting colder every day here in South Africa and I'm starting to miss sunshine yellows. I used the Multicolr Search Lab recommended by Artmind to find photos within my chosen colour range. Visit ArtMind's blog to take part in Flickr Favourites (or favorites if you must).

Of these favourites, the angel statue is my favourite - isn't that sky amazing?



ArtMind said...

Hey Dandie, I didn't realise you live in South Africa! How cool! :)
We can probably understand each others language more or less! ;)
I speak Dutch you see...
Those warm tones really remind me of a summer evening. The bunny is supercute. I really like how you set up your mosaic! Thanks for playing!
Keep up with the exams - I'm crossing my fingers! ;)

ArtMind said...

Ik versta jouw Afrikaans perfect! Superschattig taaltje hoor! :)