Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Flickr Favourites

1. Lantana camara, 2. Pink Spring Flower, 3. Always Marry An April Girl, 4. soft pink roses

Last week we joined ArtMind in a Flickr Favourites blogging event. She has decided to make this a weekly feature and we will be joining in every week. Here is this week's selection from Dandie. Enjoy!


ArtMind said...

Wonder why I want t cupcake now! LOL :)
I love all the flowers you picked!
Thanks for playing! :)

zsb creations said...

Hey, pretty mosaic! Love the colors, and yummie theme :)

florcita said...

such lovely colors!
Found your link at Mitsy's!
I stick around to read a bit!

Stephanie said...

Wonderful Mosaic! I love that third picture especially. :)

gina said...

How bright and lovely.