Saturday, May 9, 2009

Saturday Craft Site - Ravelry

There are so many great internet resources for crafters. I'd like to start sharing some here on this blog. So this is the first post in a new weekly blog feature. Maybe you already know about Ravelry, but if you don't, you're about to go to knitting heaven. Ravelry is a wonderful knitting and crochet community site with loads of free patterns and user comments on those patterns. You get to learn from and laugh at others' mistakes and share your own insights into particular patterns, eliminating your stash, or whatever you're interested in discussing. Join a group, have some fun and knit something! If you're already a Ravelry member, leave a comment about your favourite aspect of the site. Personally, I enjoy being able to see my stash at a glance and also to have a list of favourite projects easily accessible.


1 comment:

ArtMind said...

I love Ravelry. I'm not very much involved in the community aspect of it but I love to have an oversight of the projects I work on & I love to browse other people's projects!
I found some really nice patterns there too!
Looking forward to the next featured site! :)