Thursday, April 30, 2009

Mops66 on Etsy

Mops66 has an adorable Etsy shop where she sells "Mini-Mops" - miniature food jewellery. She accepts custom orders as well, for those who don't fancy a slice of mini-pizza around their necks. Here is one of her creations, a scrumptious looking donut:

Mops66 is located in Paris, which immediately makes her more charming, as I'm studying French at university. According to her profile, she is an interior designer who got the idea for her Mini-Mops from her teenagers, who are obviously brilliant. Just look at this macaron!

I know, these deceptive clay goodies are pure evil. If I ever got my hands on this next one, I admit I would be guilty of licking polymer clay. Just to check. Because it looks so good:

That's her clay version of a French "religieuse", click here for a real version.

I enjoyed browsing and drooling at her creations. Go check out the rest of the goodies in her Etsy shop.


It's like the Treasury, without the waiting period.

When Daneel and I opened our Etsy shop during a holiday, we thought we would be able to craft and upload a new item every week. At least. Turns out university students are required to actually *do stuff* like assignments and essays, so creating new craft items moved down a couple of spaces on our list of to-do's.

Yet one has to generate traffic and so I have been Twittering and logging into Etsy daily. Lacking new craft items of our own to refer others to, I have been linking to Etsy products that I found through the Pounce feature, to give other new Etsians some exposure. Then it dawned on me that I could combine my Etsy finds with a blog, leading to more exposure for everyone. So this is it, a showcase of Etsy finds that we think are worth a look.

Enjoy, point, laugh, comment, maybe buy something.