Sunday, May 3, 2009

Accessorius on Etsy

When Daneel saw Accessorius' Medusa necklace, he looked dubious. He thinks it's a bit much. I think it's great! Also, it's from Finland, so it's a practical winter accessory. He walks around in short-sleeved t-shirts for most of the year, what does he know?

Daneel also thinks this next piece "looks like a net", to which I replied "Yes. With algae." Which is what the artist intended, as per her description: "Underwater life inspires this unusual necklace. Black cord holds a net in blue, green and purplish shades suggesting algae." I really like the colours.

Here is a playful take on what we stare at unwittingly for most of the day, either on tv or monitors. The RGB bracelet:

She has 22 unique items for sale, and is featuring a three-part series, which I have mentioned here, the MEDUSA, NATURA and RGB ranges. Very interesting (and pretty) pieces.


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