Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Flickr Favourites

1. Dandelion against the sky, 2. The Great Survivor, 3. A Dandelion Grows in Portland, 4. Dandelion

Dandelions on Tuesday. It's nearing exam time and all the final assignments are due NOW. With all the work, we don't have time to post any new finds, but I'll never miss a Flickr Favourites!


ArtMind said...

I love dandelions! And the little dandelion kid is such a great find!
It's good to relax a bit while stressing when it's exams! ;)
Goodluck to the both of you & thanks for playing! :)

fleurfatale said...

wow, beautiful Dandelions, original collection!

RedFenyx said...

Gorgeous mosaic!
ahahahah OMG! I truly love the last picture! I mean... it matches perfectly with your theme! XD

Dandie said...

Hehe, I just couldn't resist adding that little kid! Made me laugh, glad you like it too.

I bijoux dello Stregatto said...

The little kid is wonderful!!!
Very nice mosaic!