Monday, May 4, 2009

Jrehnke on Etsy

When I come across old birthday or greeting cards during spring cleaning, I always feel a pang about throwing them away. But I throw them out, because I have seen what happens when you don't - you get featured in a tv show about the dirtiest homes in the country and end up on Oprah explaining you never meant to let things get that bad. Jrehnke creates greeting cards with a gift included, so that you can throw away the card, but keep the gift. Here is one of her cards, next to the necklace included:

The card is an original watercolour and comes with a red envelope. The necklace is acrylic on canvas. Here is another one that I really liked:

I liked this cherry necklace, too (it doesn't come with a card) :

She also makes other jewellery items that are worth a look.

Leave a comment if you have a great idea for using greeting cards in a useful way. Displaying them on the mantelpiece doesn't count!


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