Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Flickr Favourites

1. Vinyl Toy, 2. Zog Vinyl Toy, 3. IMG 2100, 4. Loading up on sugar in time for Christmas

Might as well continue the toy theme. I love collecting things, but I become very unhappy when I have an incomplete collection. That is why I don't collect vinyl toys. I admire them from a distance. These all have teeth. The Happy Tree Friends Squirrel in the M&M's makes me laugh. Perfect expression for candy overload.

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ArtMind said...

Haha, they make me laugh too! :)
I used to be so upset if one of something was missing in my collection. So that's why I stopped collecting frantically. I still have loads of stuff but I don't call it a collection anymore! ;)

Keep up the good work concerning studying - you can do it! I'll cross my fingers! :)
Vooruit met de geit! :)

RedFenyx said...

ahhaah so cute! love the Zog monst!
I do like vynil toys too, but I prefere little figurines much more, and they're cheaper ehehe