Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Tuesday Flickr Favourites

1. panda*party, 2. geometry, 3. Seeds of Love, 4. It's easy being a cat

For this week's Flickr Favourites, I chose images from my contacts' galleries. Except for the cat - that is my cat, Neo, from my personal Flickr account. To participate in this blog game, visit ArtMind's blog!



ArtMind said...

Ha! Before I even read what you wrote, I said out loud: 'I LOVE that cat'! :) I think she's a beauty and please do give her a cuddle from me! :)
Lovely mosaic, Dandie! Happy vacation to you! :)

Dandie said...

Thank you, Mitsy :) I have to add that Neo is a guy cat. He is scrawny looking, but when he stretches himself out, he is the longest cat I've ever seen.