Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Flickr Favourites

1. Color Addict, 2. All the Colours You Need, 3. Colored Pencils, 4. taking a bubbles bath

When I was at school, I would get a new pack of 36 Colleen pencils every year. I loved those pencils. When you opened the new pack, they were arranged in groups of 6, with the colours beautifully arranged, like a rainbow. I hated giving out my pencils to other people, because they would put them back in the wrong place or cause the cardboard container to bunch up by wedging a pencil in an already full "compartment". To this day, my heart starts beating wildly with "I want-ness" when I see sharp new pencils. I don't like sharpening them, though, I like my pencils to all be the same length!

I haven't been participating in ArtMind's Flickr Favourites game these past couple of weeks, simply because I am on holiday and have lost track of the days. Usually on Wednesdays I remember that I need to post...anyway, if you would like to join in, do so on ArtMind's blog!



ArtMind said...

First of all: BIG congrats on getting through all your exams! YAY!
Second: you deserve a break so just enjoy your holidays!
Third: I love your mosaic and story!
I used to be the same when I was a kid: I loved my new pencils and markers! Yay for color! :)

Le Coccole said...

Hi!! I love the flickr's favorite launched by Artmind, it make me find some new great indie artist! Your decorative balls are great! Good luck on your sales!